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StephW13 41F
12 messages
5/9/2021 13h00
Your Experience

Are most women requiring nude pictures and asking for measurements in order to get her attention? And do men find this to be acceptable or do you just participate because you think you have to?
Most women require this and it's acceptable
Some women require this and it's acceptable
Most women require this and I don't like it but do it
Some women require it and I don't like it but do it
Haven't Noticed

Yours_4A_knight 56H
1499 messages
8/9/2021 7h31

I have never been shy about nude or near nudes on my profile so maybe they have never had to ask about that.

My experience is that if someone online asks me for an at all suggestive picture they fall into one of two catagories gay man, which is cool not my thing but hey the ego boost is alright, or someone who thinks that they are going to extort me for money somehow, seriously?

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Mainer044011388 41H
19 messages
9/9/2021 15h12

Most don't want dick pics

G000dbuddy 33H  
209 messages
9/9/2021 20h46

Haven't known

Have a nice day
Yours goodbuddy781

exsquid46 62H
500 messages
9/9/2021 23h38

They can ask all they want, but I will politely thank them for their time and move on. I know that once they ask for a photo and measurements, they are looking for a man that is better endowed than the average man.

virgotokyo 49F
102 messages
10/9/2021 8h18

Honestly I don’t think its required to get your attention really as I have no naked pics and not plan to post any in future. Said I could catch over 30000pvs on blogs instantly. So no worries 😉

lovetoloveaz 59H
2 messages
11/9/2021 4h38

I see you in the ims often and want to chat but its a blank screen come and seek me out sometime

bestwhenbad8 47H  
12 messages
11/9/2021 14h15

I haven't noticed, because I have never been asked. But then, my size is no secret if you see my photos. All the same, people should be free to ask what they want.

StephW13 41F

12/9/2021 12h33

I'm not saying they shouldn't ask what they want. I'm just saying that if they're behaving that way and that's what really matters is a size then that's sad. There are ways to find out you don't have to know that right up front. If a guy wanted to know my boob size right up or wants a pic of my southbound parts without at least giving me the reach around first then no thanks. Lol I was just curious. But seriously women can be evil.

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