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What is wrong with the blogs??
Publié :4/6/2021 17h48
Dernière mise à jour :8/6/2021 18h35
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I can't comment or get comments on blogs!!!!

What is going on???
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What part turns you on the most??
Publié :2/6/2021 18h36
Dernière mise à jour :8/6/2021 18h36
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

What body part other than the obvious sex organs (pussy, cock, butt, breast) turns you on the most?

For , it is a man's arms. I love a man's arms. I prefer them be hairy but not a deal breaker.

Chest is my second choice. I also love a hairy chest.

How bout you? What does it for you?


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Spank my ass Sir, please!!!!
Publié :28/5/2021 14h17
Dernière mise à jour :8/6/2021 18h36
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Happy Friday my fellow playmates,

I hope it is going be a long enjoyable weekend for you. I am looking forward relaxing and maybe getting my ass spanked!!

Yes, I love love love get my ass spanked by B. He makes me ask for it. My favorite thing do is have him sit in the bed against the headboard and I lay across his lap. He takes his cold leather belt and runs it up and down my spine. He spreads my legs and makes circles around my pussy with the tip of it. . The cold sensation tickles my skin and then when I least expect it he slaps that leather across my ass cheeks. DAMN!!!! I love that feeling. It makes me dripping wet!!

The teasing and spanking go on for a while before I beg him fuck me or let me suck his cock. He loves keep me guessing about what is next.

Do you like spank your partner?
Do you like get spanked?
Or is spanking just not a turn on for you?

I am curious know what is your kink when it comes spanking.

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Suck my tittes please!!!!!!
Publié :26/5/2021 19h30
Dernière mise à jour :28/5/2021 13h47
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

I love get my breast, boobs, tits whatever you want call them sucked on. OMG, I love for B feed on . Now of course it has been a gazillion since I had anything feed on but I love for him suckle on as if I do.

I can actually cum from him doing that. It feels so fucking good . My pussy gets wet just thinking about it.

Ladies, do you like get your breast sucked on?

Guys, do you like suck on your lady's breast?

Guys, do you like for your lady suck on your breast?

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Why are you here??
Publié :25/5/2021 19h10
Dernière mise à jour :31/5/2021 17h57
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

It seems a lot of people are on this site but why? Is it truly meet others or is it just banter with others about sex and their kinks? Is it blogging? Is it for the erotic stories? Is it the webcams? Naked pictures of others??

What is it? Why are you here?

There are other sites where you can a fee and see the same person naked over and over. Is that appealing?

Would men have a virtual GF? Maybe a man is in a loveless/sexless marriage and just wants someone talk or have virtual sex with.

There are plenty of other sites where you can do that so why are you here??

Curious Ella wants know.
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Barbie met GI Joe....
Publié :23/5/2021 15h39
Dernière mise à jour :25/5/2021 19h18
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Long, long, long ago in a not so far away land I loved with my Barbie dolls. I would dress them up and fix their hair for hours. I also loved my Ken dolls. Barbie and Ken went on fabulous dates all over the world (my room). Then one day I found one of my brother's GI Joe dolls that he had long since forgotten. I decided check him out. He was ssooo differnt than Ken. GI Joe had a beard and hair that felt fussy, tags, camouflage clothes, and when I undressed him as I always did my dolls I discovered he had six pack abs. Holy crap, Katie bar the door this dude was ripped. I fell in love.

So when my friends would come over I would slide GI Joe out from under my bed and let them see how fabulous he was, they ALWAYS fell in love with him and wanted him date their Barbies. I would let them with him just so I could see their faces lite up. But I NEVER let them take him home. Oh no, he was mine and I wasn't about turn him loose.

It became a big game for me. Every time they hit the door they begged me let them with him and I would BUT only for a short period of time then up he went. I loved how they envied me for having such a prized toy.

I was the only girl in my group of friends with this perfect specimen of a man doll.

I feel like this carved out my future dark corners that I will be writing about here soon. I hope you will enjoy the series and give me feedback as well.

Looking forward to showing you just how dark my corners are.....

Love Ella
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You wanna play dress up with me???
Publié :21/5/2021 18h48
Dernière mise à jour :26/5/2021 18h48
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

Happy Friday!!!!!

Sometimes B and I like play dress-up. He is a college Coach and I am a college cheerleader. I do bad things by showing up in his office and acting bad...real bad. So bad in fact he has spank my ass.

I make it up him though by dropping my knees and sucking his throbbing cock.

Do you ever play dress up, role play or pretend??? If so what are your favorite characters be??

Post pictures if you have some. I would love see.

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Publié :20/5/2021 18h40
Dernière mise à jour :31/5/2021 17h58
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

So I got my last blog banned. Seems I crossed the line by asking a question about how you were when you did a certain activity.

Okay then. SORRY. Didn't see that as taboo but I understand it is a sensitive world right now. NOTED and I will endeavor do better.

Now the real reason for this blog is when I went back and read my blog from last night I saw lots of errors. Misspelled words, missing words, mixed-up sentences, etc. I take great pride in my writing and trying make sure I proofread each word be sure it makes sense and is spelled correctly. So what the hell happens these blogs after you post them. Does someone rewrite them and add things. Take away things? Mix up sentences?? Plus I have 2 spell checks proof the work for me as well.

Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me??

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Porn and masturbation
Publié :18/5/2021 19h19
Dernière mise à jour :22/5/2021 20h10
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

I was just wondering how people feel about their partner watching porn and masturbating??

So let's say you have a great sex life and it happens often but your partner still wants watch porn and masturbate at least a few times a wee Is that okay with you? Or does it make you feel like you are not enough??

Sometimes I just want do my own thing. I want be quiet and take care of my own pussy and not have worry about pleasing anyone else. Is that selfish?? It's not that I don't enjoy my guy it's just sometimes I want take care of business and be done with it.

Girls whatcha think?? Guys would that be okay with you or would it upset you??

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Why do men post pictures of their cock on here??
Publié :14/5/2021 18h38
Dernière mise à jour :18/5/2021 19h08
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Hello my fellow playmates,

Happy Friday you all.

My question tonight is why do men post pictures of their cock on here?

Now I have NO issue with it. In fact, I think it is kind of sexy. But most women hate getting a dick pic so if you are truly on here hunting pussy why do you do what a majority of the women hate?

Or do women really like dick pics?? I mean I do but I may be the minority.

So women do you really hate dick pics??

Men why do you post them instead of another body part??

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Is a man Bi if he lets another man suck his cock??
Publié :13/5/2021 18h25
Dernière mise à jour :20/5/2021 2h40
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Hello my fellow playmates,

It's been a while. My internet has been down...

But today it is back.

I missed HNW but maybe next week.

My brain is wondering tonight if a man lets another man suck his cock is he Bi?

Are you straight if you let another man suck you off as long as you don't return the favor or touch him or kiss him. Just purely let him give you a BJ?

What if you want to fuck a "twink"? Or you want to fuck a "sissy"? Does that make you gay or bi?

B says you are not gay if you let another man suck your cock but I BS. If you have any type of sexual contact with another person of the same sex me you are gay.

What say you my fellow playmates? Who is right me or B??

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Does every man want to fuck a 22 year old??
Publié :8/5/2021 15h52
Dernière mise à jour :2/6/2021 18h31
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Good Evening my fellow playmates,

Tomorrow is 's !!!

I am a Mom to 3 adult children who would never believe I write a sex blog much less that I have sex....

Could it be I am a MILF??? B says that I am GILF...that got him an ass chewing. GRRRRRRRR.

It's bad enough that I feel old I don't need him telling I am a grandma. I am not a grandma yet but yes of course I am plenty old enough to be one. But still.

Anywho I was watching a show the other and they were saying that every man wants to fuck a 22-year-old. That is their ideal age and woman.

Is that true?? And if so why 22?? I mean when I was 22 I didn't know shit about who I was or what my desires were. I just wanted to fuck with no real understanding of all the mind-stuff that makes sex GREAT!!!!!

But maybe men don't care they just want a tight body. Who knows??

But I would love to hear from both men and women about their thoughts on this, please.

Happy 's to all the Mom's there.

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Professional porn or amateur??? What is your pleasure?
Publié :7/5/2021 15h13
Dernière mise à jour :31/5/2021 17h59
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Good afternoon my fellow playmates,

Happy Friday!!!!

So this weekend maybe you will be watching porn, if you are what do you tune into?? Professional or amateur??

What's your pleasure?

Now B LOVES, LOVES, LOVES amateur. He likes the "realness" of it. not so much times. I feel like it can be too "real". I get so distracted with the shit in the background. Dirty clothes, toys strewn everywhere, food and cups cluttering the tables. Not to mention some of the people just a little too nasty times. I lose focus and start wanting to clean their house or clip their nails or some shit like that. Nothing to my mood like seeing toys scratted everywhere and wondering if they are going to clean up where they have had their nasty asses laying before the come home from grandma's.

Now professional can be just as distracting too. I wonder where the girls get their nails done and what shade of color it is. I wonder if she knows her boob job was botched, her nipples are pointing in different directions. I feel sad when I see the girls staring blankly into the camera while getting pounded by some guy old enough to be their grandpa. I wonder if she is enjoying the work or if she is just trying to survive.

So for me, I have to search through all kinds of porn to find just the right one. More often than not it appears to be amateur. So I guess amateur is my choice if I have one.

Your thoughts and which are the best sites to find great porn??

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