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How to deal with a ditzy woman!  

CrazySexyLady4U 59F
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10/6/2021 23h10
How to deal with a ditzy woman!

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10/6/2021 23h45

ok, thanks for the headsup

RavenGB 60H
1325 messages
11/6/2021 1h47

I love virgins too - let's exchange recipies! I haven't been with one for40 years; my first love, neither of us had any experience. I can't imagine having sex with a virgin these days - she'd be far too young (I've got older and they seem to start sooner).

It might help you to use the same professionalism in your love life (to a degree) as in you business life. Fewer sensitive male feelings will be unintentionally trampled on if you do.

agelesssexylegs 78F
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11/6/2021 7h05

Oh yes my memory not as good as it use to be,due to my tender age than anything else,i too use to love them to confirm so i can actually remember their name,often got names mixed up

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