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profcoquin27bis 56H
3971 messages
17/3/2021 18h31

i vote landing but i love all, depend sometime

luv2kissher 65H  
7 messages
17/3/2021 18h41

best smooth for licking

bbuckwwheat 62H
6047 messages
17/3/2021 19h04

Jungle or trimmed in the places that a tongue would make the most effective contact - but with most of the hair left on the mound.

Private mailbox at my blog bbuckwwheat
Fayette, Iowa

Needsjucee 34H
1 message
17/3/2021 19h11

waxed is best, but really its all so good

justskin1 69H
12357 messages
17/3/2021 19h12

smooth from the clit all the way back to the tailbone. A nice big patch above the clit trimmed/shave no more than the swimsuit requires.

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

sunandfun6900 52H  
12 messages
17/3/2021 19h12

Not a huge fan of hair and so love licking a smooth pussy.

69ereatwetpussy 58H
5237 messages
17/3/2021 19h25

smooth and clean is prefer I would not mind the landing strip, trimed is ok but wild is out

kamaruhl3 60H
1670 messages
17/3/2021 19h33

better to see the juice

JustlomesumMe 66H
633 messages
17/3/2021 19h42

I do not care as long as it is a pussy I can lick and fuck.

So nice to be insane; no one asks you to explain.

LadiesR2B1rst 58H  
1458 messages
17/3/2021 19h43

Slippery when wet. Is that an option ?

Massass1963 58H
1544 messages
17/3/2021 19h57

Too bad these polls don't allow a rating system...I love landing strip, but also smooth and bald! as a close second!

DayPlayDate 51H
23 messages
17/3/2021 20h30

Uni, your pussy is sooooooo beautiful!!

cooter_hound 55H
4 messages
17/3/2021 20h51

Bald is best for licking. And the prettiest.

able202 71H
3097 messages
17/3/2021 20h53

I love eating pussy and it really doesn't matter if there is hair or not. But to look at I rather it is bald with the lips showing clear and the clit poking through...


14777 messages
17/3/2021 21h00



Oxygen4fun 50H/49F  
151 messages
17/3/2021 22h22

Wild 1st choice and work that back to bald as last choice. But that is just a preference. We'd prefer a private jet , but flying coach is still good as long as you get to your destination

old_stick 59H
72 messages
17/3/2021 23h51

If it is smooth indulge it, if it is hairy embrace it. Either way enjoy it! Pussies are as individual as heir owners and all deserve the best attention

heartshapedcock2 37H
1766 messages
18/3/2021 3h04

I just adore shaved, tight little pussies. I'd love to shave yours and let you shave my cock and balls...

Wok2016 39H  
573 messages
18/3/2021 3h14

Smooth is nice, but a landing strip gives it a little extra visual intrigue and personality.

funsnellvillecpl 63H/52F  
3627 messages
18/3/2021 4h57

Smooth and bald like we both are

theaudioguy009 33H
35 messages
18/3/2021 5h09

whatever to me, if there are no hairs on the labia.
A freshly shaved pussy is a whole thing to lick !!!

REBB39 50H
27 messages
18/3/2021 6h48

always smooth...

day29569loris 56H
4 messages
18/3/2021 7h37

Clean, fresh and tasty, I really don't concern myself with how much hair, smell and taste the main thing, i do like big dark lips though to go with it

roustabout6 65H
190 messages
18/3/2021 8h52

Smooth and bald. I don't like to crawl through the weeds to get to the picnic

naughtyultimate1 59H  

18/3/2021 8h54

honestly your pussy is so nice you could grow out the hair as long as possible and it would still look lovely

dwz5234 68H  
916 messages
18/3/2021 9h26

Love them all but a nicely trimmed landing strip is Beautiful

boobwhisperer69 58H  
7024 messages
18/3/2021 10h08

Nicely trimmed, if you don't give it attention, why should I!!!!!!!

Greatsex4ume2 62H
48 messages
18/3/2021 10h40

I love to orally take a lady to a level of orgasm most dream of! A bald one i go deeper BUT will service all types!

Wat2dowithme 101F  
18 messages
18/3/2021 10h48

Little girls have no hair down there so for me to enjoy a woman I prefer her to have a nicely trimmed area 🤓

Apollo602021 60H  
2016 messages
18/3/2021 14h53

In the Winter a wild jungle is ok!

Please become an Apollo602021 blog follower!

MarathonMan504 43H  
2 messages
18/3/2021 15h07

Bald is like pre-pubescent so I much prefer landing strip.

idblueswoman 62F  
807 messages
18/3/2021 20h14

Not into pussy...

ProfessorNaught 108H
1358 messages
18/3/2021 20h55

All of the above !
The right answer, the optimum choice is really dependent on the type of lover you are. [ assuming one can actually define a type ] Notwithstanding, a couple is likely to and probably should transition between all of the above.

packageman57 64H
1073 messages
18/3/2021 20h58

My preference is for nice and smooth, but I'll take pussy any way its offered.

MrGameman64 35H  

18/3/2021 23h41

I can enjoy a pussy any way...I'm not picky! I have had hairy and bald and...I love it all! Yummy!

The12er 48H
292 messages
19/3/2021 12h51

All of the above honestly since it that taste that makes me soo damn horny and of course the lustfull sensations my tongue will give you....

patnnj2 64H
221 messages
19/3/2021 3h23

Variety is the spice of life!

MisterXTC1000 56H
276 messages
19/3/2021 7h09

Smooth or Landing strip for me I wanna go down and eat so don't really want a mouth full of pubes. I am a hairy guy and shave cock and balls so my partners will not fret!!

oldnotdead68 69H
17 messages
19/3/2021 9h13

I like a wild conquest but shaved drives me wild too!

Rammjaam 62H
11 messages
19/3/2021 13h32

grizz54545454 73H  
308 messages
19/3/2021 15h43

so small and smooth id suck all night

just4u8855 66H  
14 messages
19/3/2021 17h05

I voted smooth and bald but I can go for any of the 4. I have seen some wild jungle that I would have love to eat

Fuklikedogs 50H
2697 messages
19/3/2021 19h35

Brazilian cut

Deepnwide76 44H  
39 messages
20/3/2021 1h15

Smooth an bald sexier an easier to lap up all there cum

CoochieLicker89 57H  
3 messages
20/3/2021 2h03

If I am fortunate enough to find myself in the vicinity.........I don't care.

phil782008 62H
18 messages
20/3/2021 2h27

i prefer hairy pussy

xNewsPhotog 58H  
235 messages
20/3/2021 3h54

Prefer "Smooth and bald", but also like "Hairy but trimmed". Mmmmmmmm......

Monicasmiling4U 99F
2 messages
20/3/2021 7h50

I like mine clean and soft to the touch.

uncutdevil 36H  
263 messages
20/3/2021 9h44


NewLustyFool 51H
38 messages
20/3/2021 19h51

I would turn her down in none of those cases, but a landing strip with a clean shaven pussy is best!

justme51 69H
1305 messages
21/3/2021 3h34

At my age who gets to pick. Lol

One can never have enough fun private mail on my blog.

openfreethinker 52H  
5 messages
21/3/2021 4h20

I prefer, a nicely trimmed V with the soft skin around the vulva smooth

JamesBondSmooth 38H
30 messages
21/3/2021 7h10

I love pussy!!!!! Bald, hairy, shaved low. I'm still sucking that clit

Catgotmytongue_ 51H

21/3/2021 7h38

Not only do I like it smooth, I will ask if I may shave it myself. It’s so fucken hot to lather up a nice pussy and take the care and time to shave it smooth. I get massively hard and turned on plus when I’m done I give it the face test to see if I missed anything. Usually they’re soaking wet and hot that half of my work is done. Then I get to do my favorite thing til they make me stop. 😉

v4veronica 36F
38 messages
21/3/2021 9h14

Voted for smooth and bald. I take the time to do mine that way I expect yours to be too.

notdw 55H  
42 messages
21/3/2021 13h06

Had my share of hairy pussys I much prefer smooth and bald.

couple4fun_STL 53H/44F
24 messages
21/3/2021 14h26

Unless fresh wax or shave it's bound to have stubble which is the worst. So leave the hair and just keep it trimmed up

Bisexguy14 58H
18 messages
21/3/2021 15h20

Smooth and bald. Looks so sexy, you can see and taste every part. Yum.

rojocaliente183 26H
10 messages
21/3/2021 23h51

Cómo la tengas a mi me gustaría besarla

tastemeY 54H  
93 messages
22/3/2021 4h47

Landing Strip for ME! The girls seem to like mine too!

dlhnjk 57H  
35 messages
22/3/2021 4h51

I, as most likely every guy said: they have a preference but really don't care!
I like smooth shaved or a little strip but occasionally I like a big hairy beaver as long as it's clean.

01eyedmonster 45H
24 messages
22/3/2021 7h34

I love a nice smooth pussy but sometimes I just want to bury my head in there like a kebab on the way home on a Saturday night

KingHercules305 41H  
1 message
22/3/2021 17h38

Nothing better than a clean shaved pussy.

CaliChris661 44H
2 messages
22/3/2021 21h30

Ultimately shaved/waxed little to no hair.
Trimmed still Works for me ever since the 90's
WOW the 80's with the big hair huge bush days..
All that spreading by hand worried about crabs
BTW I could spend more time down town next stop O-TOWN
Now you know when they say "Oh my GOD!! YES YES YES. Don't Oh Shit Don't stop! please don't stop.... til she bust multiple nuts~ CaliChris661

masterclitlkr69 62H
39 messages
23/3/2021 5h56

I like it the way the woman has it, it's all good

massage4funn 64H
20 messages
23/3/2021 12h31

It doesnt matter as long as its you.

TheOldDom1000 70H  
2 messages
23/3/2021 22h36

Sometime I like a jungle so I can burn it off...

fahrenheit451x2 60H
119 messages
24/3/2021 4h41

Where is the "who cares" just let me at it button

masterclitlkr69 62H
39 messages
24/3/2021 7h27

I love all pussy

love2love530 52H

24/3/2021 7h47

I voted smooth & bald

apole4ahole 56H
69 messages
24/3/2021 11h34

Smooth is by far best for licking, but the landing strip is a close second

WaddaUmeanI 51H
2 messages
24/3/2021 12h32

Love it smooth...Hate chewing pubic hair, yuck!
I am VERY appreciative of a woman who waxes/shaves. I could literally eat a woman's pussy, all day.

OrangeBoner4Fun 60H  
14 messages
24/3/2021 16h05

I started young with smooth and still prefer Pussy and Cock the same way!

sexbrowser69966 58H
12 messages
25/3/2021 6h15

I enjoy it anyway it's offered...whatever way a woman is cumfortable with

desertwolf50 50H
1 message
25/3/2021 9h03

I like it smooth and bald with a small strip on top.

cock2stroke4u 63H
108 messages
25/3/2021 11h16

I still like an all natural hairy pussy. ...\8

Orion_99 50H  
7 messages
25/3/2021 16h16

Any except a landing strip.
But I do love hairy.

galdhe8er 61H
11 messages
26/3/2021 3h37

Hairy jungle the denser the better.The smell of urine,sweat, and vaginal secretions create an intoxicating scent when they settle into pubic hair.

1951Friday 69H
22 messages
26/3/2021 14h36

Whatever she is comfortable with is fine with me.

avrguy808 36H
28 messages
26/3/2021 16h04

Smooth or landing strip is preferable but I’m not picky

FatSevenCOCK 40H
20 messages
26/3/2021 17h41

I think after fucking a hairy hippie chick i have a fetish. the smell of her sweet pussy was all over my body very intoxicating, loved it.

both_of_us2009 59H/F
49 messages
27/3/2021 6h20

Smooth and clean is awesome.

W3shoodhookup1da 50H/49F
21 messages
27/3/2021 9h25

I love landing strip to tho

nakeraso87 33H
1 message
27/3/2021 15h56

Landing strip sexiest to look at, but i prefer shaved for licking and eating

wannaplay1220 50H/29F
12 messages
27/3/2021 19h43

its just so nice bald you can see what your getting into

dralingvengance 20T
26 messages
27/3/2021 20h19

I like it shaved. Cock too! I love giving oral tho and dislike eating hair but a person has the right to decide for themselves what to do with there body so I won’t shame a person for having pubic hair

GEL4e 59F  
70 messages
28/3/2021 8h55

Always, smooth ...

jeepman0021 58H
35 messages
28/3/2021 10h33

I think women like it if a man shaves there pussy because they can feel you move the clit around when you shave close, plus you can lick it and suck it plus finger it to so she is all ready to go.

wannaplay4198 54H  
69 messages
28/3/2021 19h18

I prefer a smooth shaved pussy but these day's i would take any of them.

Bigmasterdaddy12 27H
1 message
28/3/2021 21h46


Shelby1957 64H
2 messages
29/3/2021 6h52

Pussy is all good

Ozzie3214 32H  
22 messages
29/3/2021 17h26

smooth is good for eating usually but good to see a hairy trimmed one every now and then especially wen u pull ur cock out as ur about to bust and just fill that matt full of cum

Csalomon91 29H  
13 messages
29/3/2021 20h42

nice and smooth for me, that way there's nothing to get in the way when i dine in.

1000Firestorm 43H
11 messages
30/3/2021 2h11

Really wish you could rate these polls.
1st - Landing strip
2nd - Smooth and bald
3rd - Hairy but trimmed
4th - Wild jungle

roock32 51H
33 messages
30/3/2021 13h42

nice hairy there oxygen.....enjoy it....

NJGUY08090 54H
3842 messages
30/3/2021 19h35

I like it smooth but, I never turn it down in any other way.

bard3232 55H
15 messages
30/3/2021 23h34

voted trimmed but all except wild is good with me, wild tends to look unkept

naughtyguy1950 71H
59 messages
31/3/2021 16h01

I like the landing strip look.

yurnailsinmyback 52H
81 messages
31/3/2021 23h30

Smooth and Bald...
Because I like my tongue to have a smooth glide down there!

jeepman0021 58H
35 messages
1/4/2021 12h37

Good and smoot to lick it and suck it all over

jeepman0021 58H
35 messages
1/4/2021 12h38

Good and smooth to lick it and suck it all over

mydiscretefun1 57H  
81 messages
1/4/2021 14h57

landing strip is my first choice but all pussy deserves my attention and i lick and stick it no matter the style

James148823162 40H

2/4/2021 10h33


I dont mind a little bit of hair, it just cant be out of control. I do prefer bald though

newguy010886 36H
20 messages
4/4/2021 15h47

There's something about a nice smooth pussy that gets me so hard

Desir4Fire 46H
2344 messages
6/4/2021 15h56

All different delicious flavors

Beau4F 65H
24 messages
12/4/2021 9h53

A barely there landing strip or bare gets my vote(s). You gotta be "flexible"... lol

Dom__1964 56H
51 messages
12/4/2021 17h09

Landing strip for maturity

Getoutandabout93 27H
21 messages
14/4/2021 22h39

Can't complain about any

waite63 62H
2 messages
20/4/2021 2h17

No hairs between my teeth...

wantins0me 41H
1 message
9/5/2021 19h16

I voted smooth and bald... I just dont like hair in my food. Other than that I dont mind if its trimmed neatly.

lost4ever3 69H  
1 message
2/6/2021 8h55

J prefer shaved and bald but in all reality it doe not matter I do like big lips and clit to suck on and lick

Orlandoa47 47H
3 messages
10/6/2021 7h07

Nice and trim

MsG814 32H  
12 messages
11/6/2021 8h00

i love it all

AKguy09 47H
18 messages
14/6/2021 9h56

I like them all, but some trimmed hair is nice

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